Measurement devices module 630A

Main distribution assembly 630A (6300) built in the GPI system. This distribution assembly is equipped with a separate side cabinet for connection of incoming cables from the energy provider (3 x fuse switches) and common fuse switch 630A with current transformer. This distribution assembly is normally used for the construction of large apartment blocks, hotels arenas, shopping centres, events, etc. The distribution assembly is equipped with different outputs for onward feed with earth cables (Type AKKJ 16-95 mm² and 95-240 mm²). Possibility to supplement with outlet socket modules 13-63A which are preceded by residual current devices and circuit breakers as required. The distribution assembly is equipped with a hot-dip galvanized stand and lockable doors.

ZF GPI 630-1300
E-numer ID Typ Szerokość Wysokość Głębokość Waga Napięcie / zasilanie [VAT] Kolor Liczba wtyków
981491 0981491 mm 90 mm 67 mm
900056 352142 mm 90 mm 67 mm
981497 mm 90 mm 67 mm
2468792 T1M5 160 mm 130 mm 220 mm 0.75 biały
2449721 LS-2 A-216E 242 mm 1210 mm 275 mm 14.5
2466391 352062 ZF GPI 630-1300 mm mm mm czerwony
7589085 7589085 BEL-SLINGA 230V 30M B22 380 mm 180 mm 280 mm 5 230 czarny
7589033 7589033 LEL 11W 380 mm 280 mm 380 mm 6 230 czarny
7575260 PLEXUS NÖD mm mm mm 2.8 230 zielony 16A 2P+E 230V
mm mm mm
mm mm mm
mm mm mm
mm mm mm
mm mm mm
mm mm mm